August 26, 2012

Blog Talk Radio: All Knowing Brain access Infinite Intelligence


Daniel Rechnitzer talks to Dr Robyn Mills. Listen here.

The All Knowing Human Being.

What we have missed about being human

The abilities we all have, that we have all forgotten

Why we are not who we think we are, why we are so much more… Correct Use of Our Brain A Wireless Antenna!

How the improper use of our brain is why so many struggle

How and why to access 100% of our brain – the Whole Brain Sports Performance

What is the missing ingredient to bring out an athlete’s greatness

Why the secret to increased performance is Mind first, body second The Subconscious Mind And Our Reality

What is the truth about us – and the reality we live in

What we believe vs the truth – why are they different? The Truth About Life

What is REAL meaning of life? Life Purpose

What is a ‘Life Purpose’?

Why are so few living this way, what are the costs

Why live your life purpose – and how do you discover it Health : Prevention And Cure Of Illness

What doctors don’t know yet know about the human body, but should!

What causes illness and disease, is it really what we think?

Daniel Rechnitzer:

14 Years ago Daniel Rechnitzer made a life changing discovery. He discovered that his mind, in a complete space of stillness, had a remarkable capability. It became like an antenna, able to draw on outside information like a radio “tuning in” to other frequencies... He had tapped into a gift he has since found us all to have – an All Knowing Brain. 

He says “The human brain, misunderstood by so many, actually transcends space and time – it is All Knowing, like an antenna – broadcasting and receiving information!” Daniel Rechnitzer

August 10, 2012

Our Story In 2 Minutes - A Quick History Lesson

School kids must have much more fun doing projects these days with so much technology available to them.

This is a remarkable effort. I have no idea how old drivinman687 is, but I think he must have had a lot of fun putting it together! And he must have learned a lot too.

I am glad the music company didn’t block the song for copyright reasons: that would have 
been rather mean. 

I think they do too much of this as it is. I know from personal experience as I am a victim of this with some of my You Tube efforts which they have blocked in most countries, but thankfully not here. 

What’s so wrong with a free "advertisement" done out of appreciation and showcasing a song?

The music works very well with the pictures, IMHO.

Thanks for the feedback, i tried to fit a lot in but i know i missed a bit

My final project I made for my video productions class "Cutaway Productions" (Search them for their channel) at my high school. I don't own the rights to the song or the pictures and I am not trying to, I just did this video for fun and i spent many a hour on it so please dont sue me.

Song: Mind Heist (yes it is from Inception)
by: Zack Hemsey

Pictures: from all over the internet

From You Tube.

Many thanks to Claudette for sending me this.

August 01, 2012

David Attenborough - Wonderful World


Not quite the unique Louis Armstrong rendition but the images in David Attenborough’s version are fantastic, even if it is just a BBC commercial!

Don’t forget to go to full screen mode.
Many thanks to Claudette for this one!