September 07, 2011

The All Knowing Diary

Discover a Treasure Map to All Knowing!

Come along on a profound adventure, uncovering ancient wisdom – the Creator’s Secrets on the Universe, life, our interconnection to all things, and how to tap the unimaginable possibilities that lie within each one of us.

This is the real Grail Diary, from an author who has undergone massive transformation, learning to tap into life itself – pure consciousness.

Join him for the breakthroughs, as you discover together… truth, knowing and the answers we’ve been searching for throughout history.

Unlock the secrets to life’s purpose, the fountain of youth, cure for illness, soulful relationships and who are we at our very essence – infinity personified!

This is a journey not to be missed!

Launching November 2011.

With thanks to UI

Book available here.