June 05, 2012

Jon English - Jesus Christ Superstar - Heaven On Their Minds & Superstar - Updated



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I have a few songs featuring Jon English on my blog: use the search function to find them.
I have been a fan of Jon's since I saw "Jesus Christ Superstar" on stage.

I think it is interesting that over the years one can get a good grasp of what people have achieved in their lives, and the older you get, the more you see, the more you hear, the more you understand,,, you can look back with a totally different perspective!

Jon was perfectly cast in the role of Judas and consequently had enormous and well-deserved success over the years.
So sad it is not available on CD, let alone DVD. We had to wait a few years for human ingenuity to come up with that technology.
I have the original vinyl album, program and libretto.
I converted the audio of Jon’s opening solo from the album so I put it to what I considered good use. 
Jon also does the solo of “Superstar” at the end but I know he has recorded this on the “English History” album and others, so it is not so hard to get.

I have posted the original version below.



Above: I have added some pictures from the original programs which I still have.

1972. MP3 Format.I have split the tracks.

Trevor White, Michelle Fawdon and Jon English cast as Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and Judas Iscariot respectively.    








Marcia Hines, Jon English and Trevor White sing "Everything's Al Right" from the bootleg version.
"Everything's Alright" is from the original Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar staring Trevor White, Jon English, Marcia Hines and Reg Livermore. The track was recorded live at the Capital Theatre in Sydney 1973.

The live front of house mix used 103 microphones squeezed into a 20 channel mixer. It was recorded on 4 tracks only meaning the live mix had to be good because the balance could not be changed in post production. Paul Haines mixed the band and orchestra. Bob Semmens mixed the vocals. The track was later digitally re-mastered by Peter Chambers who was a cast member at the time."

Many thanks to Paul Haines for uploading this to You Tube!

The bootleg - live version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" is available here for downloading.

I am unsure that it is the original cast, however. I saw it in Melbourne in 1972 and Michelle Fawdon had the role of Mary Magdalene. 

Marcia Hines took that role in the 1973 Sydney production as far as I can tell.







Above - Video clip and some still shots of Jon singing “Heaven On Their Minds” live on “The Graham Kennedy Show”. You can download the audio from here.


Above: Jon English and Marcia Hines: "Jokers and Queens".
More information about "Jesus Christ Superstar" here.



Check out Jon English Rocks out.

Most pictures above are from my collection. 

Pictures below received via email from a friend. Source unknown.


Above: Gold record awarded for "Jesus Christ Superstar" Soundtrack.

Below and above: Some still shots I took from the rare footage of the stage show. 




Above picture credit: Sydney Archives.
Cilla Black sings "I don't Know How To Love Him".


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It seems a documentary was filmed of this production, according to IMDB.
I doubt it is available anywhere at this stage. It was done by either Channel 9 or Channel 2.

Jesus Christ Superstar (1972)

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