June 07, 2014

G.Wayne Thomas - Morning Of The Earth And Open Up Your Heart


Another great music clip by my friend Chris. I really like his style of presenting songs.

His images add a great dimension to the songs he 'illustrates', and I really enjoy listening to, and watching them. So many great artists and so many great clips!

This song is actually the title song from the soundtrack of a classic surfing movie of the same name.

I have also posted another of Chris's clips previously: By Firelight - sung by Jon English. 

I was very pleased and appreciative that he made it for me on request.

G.Wayne Thomas is quite a legend in the history of classic Aussie Rock and he produced one of my all-time favourite LP's: "Laid" by the group Duck.


This is a very hard-to-get album.

There are a few of these songs on my blog:

"Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up"

"Long, Cool Woman In A Black Dress"

"Maybe I'm Amazed" is in the above post as a bonus.

Here's some more information about this song, and G. Wayne Thomas from Chris:

"In 1971, he produced the soundtrack of “Morning of the Earth” for David Elfick and Albe Falzon. G. Wayne wrote and performed three of the songs for the album which was released in 1972, notably the title track “Morning of the Earth”, “Day Comes”, and also the famous “Open up your Heart”, (below) which was lifted off as the single and shot to No.1. 

Ironically this song was one of those moments in history where Elfick and Falzon were close to the final edit of the movie, and quickly needed just one more song for the closing credits. 
Wayne sat down and in 10-15mins he wrote “Open Up Your Heart”. As the movie was almost complete it was put over the closing credits. “Open Up Your Heart” stayed at No.1 for approximately 18 weeks finally being knocked off No.1 spot by John Lennon's “Imagine” “Morning of the Earth” was to become the first Gold soundtrack in the history of Australia."


Here's a bonus track from Chris: G.Wayne Thomas - "Everything In You".

"After Arriving in Australia from New Zealand in 1966 ,the huge success of Morning of the Earth Soundtrack Album, G.Wayne Thomas became one of the most sought after record producers in Australia.
In early 1973 he formed his own label Warm & Genuine, the album G.Wayne Thomas, known as the "Self Titled" album.
So typical of 1970s pop music shows his songwriting talent and skills as a music producer. There is a real warmth and romance to this album. It includes previous hits Open Up Your Heart, Take it Easy and the newly released Everything in You."


G.Wayne Thomas website. 

More Excerpts:
At J. Walter Thompson he worked with a number of creative people including John Fawcett, Ken Done, and Llewellyn Thomas (son of the playwright/poet Dylan Thomas). Due to having the same surname they were often confused as being brothers.

While at Thompson's he wrote produced and performed a number of commercial jingles, in association with the then Musical Director of “Hair” and later “Jesus Christ Superstar”, Patrick Flynn. With Patrick he also worked for a number of other advertising agencies, which attracted interest from record companies, particularly EMI and Warner Bros.
During the period with Warner's and Polygram he produced a number of No1 and top 10 records for various artists such as Allison McCallum, Rumor, Jon English (with hit “Turn the Page”), Shona Lang, Autumn, and Himself.


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Enjoy these clips by Chris!

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