December 08, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean - Incredible Piano Solo of Jarrod Radnich and the Technology He Uses



I really like this piece of music, and enjoyed the latest "Pirate" movie!
Unsurprisingly, it was directed by Rob Marshall who also directed "Chicago"
, a superbly directed movie.

I thought the third installment was very ordinary, but this one seems to have made up for it.

Jarrod Radnich
is inspirational with this piece.

It had achieved over 23 million hits, and counting, on You Tube when I first posted this.

I think he deserves it! Now that Jarrod Radnich has his own You Tube channel the numbers will be different.

His performances are part of a new featured attraction at Disneyland's "Dream Home Of The Future" in Tomorrowland.

Video production credits: Paul Anderson, Tel Stewart, and Craig Knudsen. Piano arrangement and performance: Jarrod Radnich.

Sheet music for this and other arrangements are available through Radnich's website:

Jarrod Radnich, nationally noted composer and pianist of "Virtuosic Piano Solo Series" personally instructed Miss South Dakota, Anna Simpson, on one of his piano compositions. 

The composition, Pirates of the Caribbean, was then performed by Simpson at the Miss America Pageant. 

He did the training with a distance of thousands of miles between them!

NBC's nationally-broadcast Today Show recently covered this story (4/27/2012) and featured the PianoDisc piano player system and Zenph Sound Innovation's Internet MIDI software used to link the pianos. Amazing!

For more information on Jarrod Radnich or sheet music of his many piano compositions go to

For more information on the Miss South Dakota program go to

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