August 19, 2011

Jon English: "Six Ribbons" - from "Against The Wind" - My Favourite Song - And A Bonus Track - "We'll Be There"

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Jon English - Six Ribbons - lyrics and sheet music:


If I were a minstrel I’d sing you six love songs,
To tell the whole world of the love that we share,
If I were a merchant I’d bring you six diamonds,
With six blood red roses for my love to wear,

But I am a simple man, a poor common farmer,
So take my six ribbons to tie back your hair,
Yellow and brown, blue as the sky,
Red as my blood, green as your eyes,

If I were a nobleman I’d bring you six carriages,
With six snow white horses to take you anywhere,
If I were the emperor I’d build you six palaces,
With six hundred servants for comforting fare,

But I am a simple man, a poor common farmer,
So take my six ribbons to tie back your hair,

If I were a minstrel I’d sing you six love songs,
To tell the whole world of the love that we share,
So be not afraid my love, you’re never alone love,
While you wear my ribbons tying back your hair,

Once I was a simple man, a poor common farmer,
I gave you six ribbons to tie back your hair,
Too-ra-lee, too-ra-lie, all I can share,
Is only six ribbons to tie back your hair,
Too-ra-lee, too-ra-lie, all I can share,
I gave you six ribbons to tie back your hair.

Trouble is I can only count five ribbons!
Apparently Jon said that there were 2 red ones.         





In my post above I have mentioned that I like the historical movie genre.
“Against The Wind” – 1978 – was an Australian mini-series which I watched when it first aired. I don’t think any one had any video recorders back then, and as far as I remember it was never repeated.A few weeks ago I decided to buy the series on dvd. 
I enjoyed it again immensely.

 It is often very difficult to visualize historical events such as transportation to the colonies, early settlers, and the Rum Rebellion, even though I learned about these things in history classes. 

I had been a fan of Jon English's ever since I saw him in “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 1972, when he appeared as “Judas”. 

It was a no-brainer to watch this mini-series knowing that he would be starring in it.

Since then I have seen Jon perform live many times: not only as a great Aussie rock star, but also in
“The Pirates of Penzance”



Above:#TalkLikeAPirate day - 2016

Picture credit for the 1984 production of “Pirates of Penzance” – EssGee, with many thanks. This is the version I saw on stage.
The other pictures from "Pirates" are from the 1994 Production which is available on DVD and CD. I have the full 2 CD version of this production. I recently found out that there is now only a 1 CD version available.

 I have also  seen a live performance of his excellent rock opera “Paris”. 

He is amazingly energetic on stage and the range of his singing talents is quite extraordinary!

From hard rock, to operetta and lovely, haunting ballads like “Six Ribbons” – he can do it all. 

To be fair I had changed my musical tastes somewhat in the 1990’s and began taking an interest in country music, hence my post on Gram Parsons. 

This year I decided to revisit my old rock favourites like Jon,The Beatles, The Stones, Cliff Richard and many others. A good decision! 

My appreciation of Jon English’s talents and achievements has grown even greater than it ever was all those years ago.

He writes many of the songs he sings. He acts.

Jon has also done quite a lot of television:
Blankety Blanks and All Together Now, just two examples.
He is an Aussie legend. 

“Six Ribbons” is really my favourite song ever: I never tire of it.

I should also mention that Jon, together with Mario Millo, wrote the entire soundtrack for this mini-series and it is really excellent! 

Jon won a TV Week Logie in 1979 for his performance in "Against the Wind", (see pictures below).

 It was but one of very many awards he would win in the future.

I also still have the original programs from "Superstar" and "The Pirates of Penzance", as well as the booklet that was published for "Against The Wind ".


This You Tube clip which runs about 1.45 has been enhanced and is better quality than before. However, it may be blocked in some  countries.
You Tube and Blogger can be very frustrating with ‘blocked’ songs!

Picture credits: TV Week Logie Awards
and some other covers I had.


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My friend Chris has done a lovely version of "Six Ribbons". It is the longer version of the song with some very beautiful images, and here is Chris's take on "Carmilla".

My friend Terry has just uploaded "We'll Be There" - live. Thanks, Terry!!


Some pictures from "All Together Now"

"Against The Wind" is now available from Umbrella Entertainment.

“All Together Now” Series 1 & 2 are also available from Umbrella Entertainment
 Series 3 & 4 available July 2016, same source.




Above:Jon in "Blankety Blanks" - around 1977

Jon on "Nightmoves" - 1977

Jon on Countdown 1980:



Jon has also appeared in the movie "Touch And Go". He wrote and sang the title song.

Here are some stills from  it.

Many, many thanks to Juanita for sending me this movie.



Above: Jon English and Marcia Hines. 

Marcia Hines and Russsell Crowe - a Brand New Single.Posted here. 

Picture from Women's Weekly 80th Celebration.

These pictures, and the three at the top, are from my collection.









Below: From Rock and Roll Ballroom - 1974






She Was Real



Jon on Countdown "Beating The Boards" - 1982:


Picture below via Twitter:


Update: Use the search function  - top left - to find more of Jon's songs or check my 
You Tube channel.

Above: Jon's version of the Bob Seger classic - "Turn The Page". I remember watching this back in the 1970's. A shame there isn't a better video clip, no doubt it no longer exists as many old clips were taped over, or destroyed.

Just recently posted: Get Your Love Right.1979.

Hope there are more of these clips to come.

Yes, another one on my Countdown post - "The Shining", and one with Marcia Hines on my "Jesus Christ Superstar" post!   Links below.



Danelle Bergstrom's portrait of Jon English - 1995 - which was entered into the Archibald Prize competition. It was awarded the equally prestigious Packing Room Prize.
This picture was put online after Jon had passed away.

A very different version of Hollywood 7 - Dynamicron Edit. Details here

Stills from "Walk The Talk" - 2000




Behind Blue Eyes

If the clips are unavailable in your country you may need a VPN. 

Stills from Matlock Police - 1975



A Jon English playlist is here.



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