March 09, 2016

Remembering Jon English



Vale Jon English - 1949 - 2016. Words Are Not Enough. Never will be.

I  hope he had a "Fortunate Life". Sincere condolences to his family.

I have been a fan since I first saw Jon English portray Judas in "Jesus Christ Superstar".
I have seen him live and chatted with him many times.

I have devoted a lot of my blog and my you tube channel to him, thus expressing my admiration for all his work. 

He was a giant of the Australian rock scene virtually all his life.

I know he has many fans, and I have been very fortunate to have met several of them, and have made lasting friendships with them, not only in Australia but also in Scandinavia.

Through these friendships, as well as my own efforts, I have managed to accumulate just about everything he has recorded. So much enjoyment over all these years.

This is one blog I never wanted to do:(

Thanks for everything, Jon! You will always be remembered.

And here is where is all started!

From the ABC:

"Born in Hampstead, London in 1949, English came to Australia with his parents and siblings at the age of 12.
He was well known for his lead role of Bobby Rivers in 1991 in the television sitcom All Together Now.

English was cast as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar at the age of 22 and toured with the show all over Australia and New Zealand for the next five years.

During this time he also recorded four albums with songs including Handbags and Gladrags, Hollywood Seven, and Turn the Page, which was his first number one hit.

Among English's songwriting successes was the theme song for the television miniseries Against The Wind, Six Ribbons, which became a number one hit in more than six countries.
Ambition Entertainment said it commemorated his passing "with great sadness".

A public service celebrating his life is set to be held."

Some of my favourite pictures,collected over a long time: 



















Below: a selection from "Pirates of Penzance"


Below:Jon's first television appearance:

Jon sings "Survivor"                                                                   


"Six Ribbons". One of the best love songs ever written.



Jon sings "Turn The Page"








   Jon sings "Waterloo"                               



 Jon sings "Straight Ahead"                                                             




Above: A still from The Mike Walsh Show

The last time I saw Jon English, with Peter Cupples.


Top picture credit: The Australian

More pictures from The Australian


These pictures from the Herald Sun:



More from The Australian  


These pictures from The Daily Telegraph:



Below: from SMH

Jon sings "Lay It All Down"

 "Nights In Paradise"                                                                        


"Straight From The Heart"



 Jon sings "Hold Back The Night"    


"Always The Busker"

Below: 'Hot Town" and "Emotion"




Obituary here:



Above: Jon English And Marcia Hines - Jokers and Queens




Above: still shots of Jon on "Hey,Hey It's Saturday".











Above:top 9 pictures received by email - bottom two from TV Week

Below: More from TV Week:





Jon's original version of "Hollywood 7" is the best! Official clip above.
Also above is another version I found on the internet a long time ago 2012 to be exact.
Dynamicron Edit.
It was made by German MT. From the site:

"And we continue with gifts for the blog, based in Madrid, and was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the DJ and producer Dynamicron aka Roberto Marrero, a specialist renowned worldwide, edit brings us a very special, a whole hit of 1976, Jon English and ‘Hollywood 7’ edit marvels, a huge gift of this great producer and label owner Los Grandes, great track, great edit ….."

It is no longer available for downloading, and not available on any of Jon's other albums so here it is.

A fraction of Jon's incredible body of work!

Jon Sings "Beating The Boards" with The Foster Brothers:                                                                


"Stand By Me"

Below: stills from Rage:






Above: With many thanks to "Who Magazine" - April 4th edition.



Double vinyl album "History" now available.

The songs for ‘History’ were chosen and compiled by Jon English. “His first foray into the current vinyl resurgence, something he was incredibly excited about,” Robert Rigby said.
Rigby describes Jon English as “a genuine, down-to-earth Superstar”. 

Following Jon’s death the ‘Six Ribbons: The Ultimate Collection’ went back into the Australian Top 20 and stayed in the chart for the next two months. 

‘History’ is restricted to 500 numbered copies and stickered with Jon’s SIgnature.

Side One
Hot Town Written By Connors & Wade
Get Your Love Right Written By Martin & Wade
Words Are Not Enough Written By Paige & Punch
Wine Dark Sea Written By English
She Was Real Written By English

Side Two
Turn The Page Written By Seger
Carmilla Written By English
Lovin’ Arms Written By Jans
Handbags And Gladrags Written By D’abo
Some People (Have All The Fun) Written By English & Dallimore

Side Three
Survivor Written By English
Behind Blue Eyes Written By Townshend
You Might Need Somebody Written By Snow
Every Time I Sing A Love Song Written By Skierov & Molinary
Hollywood 7 Written By Skierov & Lloyd

Side Four
All Together Now Written By English
Lay It All Down Written By Jennings & Goldberg
Sandcastles Written By English
Jokers And Queens Written By English & Hull
Superstar (You Promised Me) Written By English
Six Ribbons Written By English

Source: Noise 11

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